About me

Welcome to my site!

My name is Bill Dyson I have studied and practiced homeopathy for over 25 years.I specialize in challenging health issues, with such cases as multiple sclerosis, autism, Lyme disease, skin conditions and arthritis. I have over a hundred credit hours of study approved by the council for homeopathy education. I am a graduate of the international 4-year postgraduate course taught by Dr.Massimo Mangialavori through the New England Homeopathic Academy, I have also completed a 3 year course of study with Dr.Jayesh Shah and Dr. Rajan Sankaran from Mumbai, India. My ongoing education include advanced study of homeopathy using the sensation method which was done with Dr.Shachindra and Dr.Bhawisha Joshi from Mumbai, India. I am a member of the National Center for Homeopathy and the Vaccine Information Center. I truly look forward to working with you and taking the journey with you.9BDF1611-1AFF-4C61-B2BC-A20597BABD01

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