What is homeopathy?

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Let me explain in more detail of what homeopathy really is, homeopathy is the natural medical science that treats illness by the stimulation  of the body’s own natural healing response . This action is based on the laws of similars discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann some 200 years ago. Dr. Hahnemann the founding father began treating patients with large doses of natural substance. While the patients did improve, they were sometimes aggravated by such strong medicines. Thus the use of infinitesimal doses began and the result was a prompt, gentle lasting improvement.

Homeopathy views the individual as a whole person,and the symptoms  and signs from the mind,body and spirit are all regarded when choosing a remedy. Homeopathy provides a treatment tailored to the individuality of each person. This treatment is not aimed at a specific organ or part of the body but rather at the vital force, the energy which maintains life in the individual.

Homeopathy is used all over the world, but in particular in Europe where it originated. In England there are hospitals that are exclusively  homeopathic. In France every pharmacy dispenses homeopathic medicines. 39% if the population use homeopathic medicines and 33% of the family physicians integrate homeopathics into their practice. The manufacturing and sale of homeopathics is regulated by the FDA. Homeopathic remedies were recognized as official drugs  by the federal,food, drug and cosmetic act of 1938.In addition the marketing of homeopathic medicines is controlled by the FDA’s compliance policy guide of 1988 which provides guidelines of labeling and selling of medicines.


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